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إعلان دورة و بطولة  دول الشرق الأوسط فى القاهره - مصر - إضغط هنا لطلب الإشتراك





JKA WF / MEA website is found to educate people in Middle East about JKA system, branches, rules, regulation

and make all MEA individuals and countries meet in one place and act as a one unit.


All JKA ranking systems and training are certified from JKA Japan and recognized world wide.


JKA Middle East issues a KYU and DAN diplomas through an official examiners in MEA countries,

all JKA diplomas are issued directy from JKA Tokyo, Japan, and recognized world wide.


Middle East countries are directly affiliated with JKA-HQ Tokyo-Japan.

To affiliate or become an official member with JKA in Middle East, please click on countries.


Special Thanks to JKA HQ-tokyo master : Shihan Okuma for his continues support to JKA MEA